Green Chemistry at Teva api – Our R&D team’s initiative to making an environmental impact

green chemistry

Last year, Teva api’s R&D leadership team got together to brainstorm about what could be done on a departmental level to make a substantial environmental impact. As a result of this meeting, a new “community” was formed called the R&D Green Community, and over the last year it has established many initiatives.   The mission of

Technology Excellence in API Manufacturing

Manufacturing Sciences & Technology

Talking with Liron Shakoof and Tali Katav from the Manufacturing Sciences & Technology team (MS&T) was really pretty inspiring. They described in great detail, and with a lot of passion for their work, how the role of MS&T is to lead the product life cycle management using technology excellence. What does that mean? Developing a

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Meet the Expert—Lena Lerman

“Every day I get up and go to work and see a new problem, an opportunity to learn something new – and this is what I really appreciate.” Lena Ben Moha-Lerman is Senior. Dir. Lifecycle Management at Teva api R&D, supervising R&D activities for post-submission products with 6 R&D teams from all around the world.