Meet the Expert—Marina Yarovoy, Downstream Process Manager in Teva api R&D

“It’s like doing magic every single day!” Marina Yarovoy is Downstream Process Manager in Teva api’s R&D team, and is based in Israel. She describes her passion for all things chemistry and why the generics industry is so inspiring.

Teva api was my first job in chemistry! I started in the team shortly after graduating from university with a BSc in chemistry. That was 14 years ago. After being a researcher for 9 years, I then got promoted to team leader. It was a great opportunity for me! I love the dual role of managing the development of a product while guiding people. I learn a lot through teaching others.

While working, I embarked on and completed my master’s degree in organic chemistry. It was a unique opportunity and I am thankful to all the people who supported me. Even my thesis revolved around one of Teva’s projects. It was like a dream come true for me!

I am now building a new department which is a huge learning experience. I was recently promoted to downstream process manager. Taking my productivity to a new level, I will now oversee the whole chain and give special attention to the purification, ultra-filtration and freeze-drying processes. I’m excited to lead my teams, and my ultimate vision is implementing agile workflows supported by cutting-edge technologies.

I really like baking and cooking, which is the perfect example of chemistry. I believe that chemistry is a way to understand the world around us. Chemistry is something I’ve been passionate about from a young age. In fact, my grandmother was an analytical chemist back in the USSR days, so maybe it’s in the genes!

There’s inspiration in generics. Hundreds of years ago, if you had a headache, there was no medication to take. The pharma industry gives us the opportunity to address and overcome health issues. This is especially true in the generics industry. For example, a cousin of mine had a medical problem and received a prescription for a costly medication. I explained to him that he could get a generic version for one-tenth of the price. Generics make medicine accessible, opening new opportunities to previously closed markets, and sometimes these drugs can even result in life-changing situations. It’s extremely motivating.

In university chemistry is an exact science, but in reality it’s also an experimental science. It can surprise you but it can also disappoint you. Chemical reactions don’t always react as expected!  It can be really challenging. You need the patience to understand your molecules and understand their unique needs – like a relationship!

I believe that there is no problem that isn’t solvable. There is always a solution for any problem. It’s just depends on external factors like time, money, and resources that you need to invest in, to make it work.

The people I work with share the same DNA. They’re very dedicated, they love their job, and enjoy the challenges. I feel that they are with me on this mission. I truly believe that a good team is the key for success.

It’s the human connection between the team that helps us succeed. As a manager, it is crucial to understand the people you work with and to know what drives them. Every single day, I make the effort to recognize each team member and their efforts. Sometimes it’s not about being successful in a specific mission, but the steps and efforts that are made to get there.

I think I’ll be at Teva for many years to come! I like the people around me, I keep growing here, and I feel that my efforts are genuinely recognized. It’s a great place to do the work I love and I feel proud at the end of each day.