New Extraction Plant in Debrecen, Hungary

In late 2022, Teva api completed a $23 million investment in Debrecen, Hungary, with the aim to expand its capability to supply active pharmaceutical ingredients for vital medicines needed for organ transplant patients.

This new extraction facility is based in Teva’s Center of Excellence for Fermentation Products, and has been in existence for over 100 years, combining both API R&D and manufacturing and Teva Pharmaceuticals manufacturing. It is the largest development in the past 15 years in API manufacturing at the site.

Why now?

With the considerable advancement of healthcare over the last few years, it became very clear very quickly that there was a huge shortage of life saving fermentation-products. Transplants have become more common place and the demand for products to prevent organ rejection has therefore increased.

It was understood that the company needed to urgently increase capacity in order to produce the APIs needed to ultimately supply the end patient with the medicines they need.

With this new plant, Teva api will be able to significantly increase our production capacity for active pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring the security of medicine supply in Europe and worldwide.

The opening ceremony was held in December, with many executive members of the team flying in to be present. The ceremony included the heartwarming gesture of the team signing a heart with a handprint, particularly appropriate since the plant’s main products, in their final dosages, support transplant patients.