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New Extraction Plant in Debrecen, Hungary

In late 2022, Teva api completed a $23 million investment in Debrecen, Hungary, with the aim to expand its capability to supply active pharmaceutical ingredients for vital medicines needed for organ transplant patients. This new extraction facility is based in Teva’s Center of Excellence for Fermentation Products, and has been in existence for over 100

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GMP audits reports during COVID-19 times

Completing a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit report prior to 2020 was simple. Companies had many ways to get theirs done, and a large percentage opted for performing their own onsite audits at their suppliers’ facilities, and then putting together the report themselves. This year however, with travel so limited, this option is difficult if

Our operational presence in Europe and how COVID-19 has changed the playing field

Here at Teva api, we’ve had a significant operational presence in Europe for many years. Over the last few months, as COVID-19 spread relentlessly across the world, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of just how valuable this presence is, and how we could optimize it to best support our supply network and ultimately provide better

Regulations in Brazil are Changing

On April 1st, 2020, Brazil’s ANVISA published new landmark regulations referring to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This new set of rules consists of three separate guidelines for local pharmaceutical segment stakeholders, known as “RDCs”. These are RDC 359/2020, RDC 361/2020 and RDC 362/2020, and they represent a complete overhaul of the API regulatory landscape in

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