3 Insights from the 2022 ESG Progress Report

Thousands of local projects help move the needle when it comes to our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) targets. To get to the next level, and be bold at ESG, we need to think bigger and build on current successes. Pascal Michoux, Vice President, Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) and Linda Caramichael, Head, Environment & Sustainability, explain. 

With the annual Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Report published on May 9, we checked in with Teva Global Operations (TGO) leaders Pascal Michoux, Vice President, Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) and Linda Caramichael, Head, Environment & Sustainability to learn of TGO’s contributions our ESG efforts, what are the current focus areas and how we plan to achieve the next big target. 

Linda: “Each TGO segment and site now has ESG targets and is preparing operating plans to reduce GHG emissions. They bring their own ideas to the table, next to the global initiatives such as Go Green Together and Energy Saving Contract (ESCO).” 

Pascal: “We want to create a safe and sustainable future together. In the past, we mainly tried to prevent environmental issues and now, thanks to the great work that was done, we can shift to green initiatives that improve our lives, such as reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG). 

What is TGO’s contribution? 

Linda: “Our focus is mitigating our environmental impact, and we are making good progress. We have thousands of small ESG initiatives in TGO that make a real difference. We are over-achieving some of our global targets, such as energy efficiency, water reduction and assessing wastewater discharges from antimicrobial production. The global TGO Sustainability Task Force, part of the Gross Margin Improvement (GMI) program, is partnering with the segments and sites to identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions, save energy, and be more efficient.” 

Pascal: “The 2025 target for GHG emissions is a 25% reduction. To get to our 2030 target of 46%, we must put together much bigger projects, not only specific for a segment or a site, but for all TGO and Teva.”  

ESG as part of the TGO Operating Model 

Linda: “To achieve this, we will transfer from the GMI program to the recently launched TGO Operating Model, where Bold at ESG is one of the seven Core Competencies. As part of the model, we will take a more holistic approach towards ESG and develop the roadmap to get to the 2030 target.” 

Pascal: “At the end of the day, there are three components to our long-term plan.  

1) Maintain the awareness and build on the good work that’s already being done.  

2) Put together that top-down approach that will lead the big ESG projects.  

3) Think of our critical challenges and the enablers that can help each of the other Core Competencies of the Operating Model to succeed.  

ESG in TGO doesn’t stop with Bold at ESG. It affects supply chain, launches and many other fields. They all rely on our success, so we must make sure our people have the right capabilities.” 

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