From Customer Service to Customer Experience

Delivering an exceptional customer experience can be a challenge for large organizations. Professionals across multiple departments, in multiple locations, providing different kinds of support must work as a team to support their customers, all of whom have individualized needs. Discover how we do that in teva api to better support our customers.

It’s a complex process requiring a lot of behind-the-scenes coordination and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. At Teva api , we strive to provide the best service in the API industry, but that doesn’t come easily.  We understand we need to continually change and grow so we can do a better job serving our customers every day.

This year Teva api President and CEO R. Ananth challenged all employees to understand and strengthen their roles in the customer journey. From the executive team to every employee on the production floor, we are shifting our approach from “customer service to customer experience” in every step of the customer journey, from development to delivery. Adopting a more holistic approach will enable us to see the big picture more clearly. We will be better able to anticipate the customers’ needs at every touch point and use our expertise and knowledge to make their experience smoother, easier and more efficient.

Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

Throughout the lifecycle of a product, customers not only request different types of information, but also require different kinds of support based on their needs.  We have found it effective to partner each customer with a personal team  comprising an account manager, customer experience professionals and logistics experts who ensure their requests and questions are handled promptly and efficiently.

Providing each customer with personalized attention is key to delivering a seamless and holistic experience. Our team begins offering that support during the first step of the customer journey: new product sourcing. The account manager introduces our product offering. Upon request, our service experts provide samples and the supportive documentation to test our material. Additionally, teva api’s Digital Services offer detailed product information, which customers can easily access online. In Development stages, we work with the customer to adapt product characteristics when possible, to meet their specifications. And if the need arises, our R&D experts will collaborate with a customer, even travel to their location to work with them on site.

As part of our holistic customer experience, we strive to make the customer’s submission process as seamless as possible. We provide high-quality Drug Master Files (DMFs) that meet regional requirements. If a deficiency letter is issued, our Regulatory Affairs experts support the customer with thorough and timely responses.

Focusing on the entire experience enables us to better oversee each step of the journey and ensure employees in every department can deliver best-in-class service.

“Understanding our customers’ perspective will enable us to evaluate the support we currently deliver and learn how we can better meet their expectations.”

Our Innovative Digital Approach

Setting new standards for customer excellence has motivated us to seek innovative solutions to support our customers.  In 2016, the customer experience with Teva api will be amplified with the newly-designed with enhanced capabilities and new tools and materials. Later this year, our customer portal, teva api portal, will have enhanced capabilities and allow customers to communicate more easily with Teva api’s Customer Experience team and experts on almost anything they need (i.e., service requests) by using a desktop, smartphone or tablet. This is only part of the work underway internally to ensure an excellent experience with teva api.

An Unparalleled Commitment to Customers

Understanding what our customers need, and how well we are meeting those needs, will be essential in our transition from customer service to customer experience. Their perspective will enable us to evaluate the support we currently deliver and learn how we can better meet their expectations. We have surveyed our customers to find out how we can further enhance their teva api experience and will continue to do so periodically. They can always share feedback with their teva api account manager and members of our Customer Experience team.

Learning what’s important to our customers is an important first step in making every customer interaction easy and trouble-free. We’re excited to begin our own journey toward building a better customer experience and look forward to the enhancements we’ll be able to offer in the months to come.

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About the author

Idit, our Marketing & Customer Experience Senior Director, joined the company in March 2006 and started her path in our company as an ambitious Product manager. She is a graduate of the Hebrew University and holds a Master's degree in Technology Management (Chemistry and Business) and B.Sc. in food technology. As part of her work in Teva api, Idit designs and executes customer experience & marketing strategy in order to ensure optimization of our customer's journey.