Leading Technology for Seamless TAPI Customer Experience

Salesforce CRM Delivers Leading Technology for Seamless TAPI Customer Experience

By Yaara Leonov, Customer Service Projects Manager for TAPI



We are very excited to announce that TAPI will launch Salesforce CRM next month – June 2016. Salesforce is an online customer relationship management platform (CRM) that will enable us to respond more quickly to customers’ needs, handle inquiries more efficiently, and provide each and every customer with comprehensive, up-to-date account information. 

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Through Salesforce, all departments across TAPI who interact with customers will be able to access customer account information on a common platform, in such a manner as to be able to respond efficiently and quickly to your needs and of course, always in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection requirements. That means we will be able to collaborate more easily to quickly address customer requests, update orders, answer questions and solve problems.

Later this year, when TAPI Online customers' portal will be formally launched, both the CRM and the customers' portal will be fully integrated. When a customer logs in, they will be able to view essential account information and their interactions with TAPI all in one place.


They can download technical information about products from a self-service library, track the status of current orders, research the history of past orders, review all communications with TAPI Customer Experience experts, and easily submit service requests. Account managers will be able to provide quotes more quickly, anticipate upcoming product needs, and create a variety of reports for customers. To sum it up, Salesforce will give TAPI customers a faster and more efficient way to connect with us.


Salesforce CRM will go live the second half of June and its tools and features will be available to all TAPI customers by the end of this year. We look forward to providing a more personalized experience for every customer, and will be counting on your feedback to help us make it even better.


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