From Teva api’s customers: How Teva api Online customer platform improved efficiency in API projects

Edit (February 2021): Introducing the significantly upgraded Teva api customer portal – Teva api Connect!

By now, you will have heard of our online platform, but have you heard how it serves our customers, and enables them to become more efficient? More and more of our customers are registering with Teva api Online to take advantage of the range of tools specifically designed to make your interaction with Teva api as smooth, easy, and efficient as possible.

In this article, we have highlighted just two of the ways Teva api Online has supported our customers, and saved them both time and effort that ultimately results in improved efficiency and potential cost savings.

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The big easy

In our previous articles, we have highlighted some of the amazing tools and services available at Teva api Online. We are constantly adding to these services as we intend Teva api Online to be a customer-based platform that meets and exceeds the requirements and expectations of our customers. The list of available features is too great to be listed in this article, but can be found here.

The following stories are based on feedback, testimonials, and interviews from two of our customers who were delighted with the service and ease that comes with using Teva api Online. Please excuse us for not disclosing customer or project names – our policy is to keep all customer information strictly private and confidential.

From a regulatory jungle to a walk in the park

“The most time consuming and complicated aspect of my job is without a doubt the dreaded regulatory documentation. This is always very frustrating process. Just gathering the hundreds of required documents can take days and usually have to be sourced from several sites. I usually have to ask for these documents several times before they arrive…and if I am lucky, they will be the correct ones, if not, then more time and effort is needed. This time, before I approached my contact at Teva api I checked with Teva api Online to see if they had any of the documents I needed. We had only recently registered with Teva api Online and attended their wonderful tutorial. To my utter joy after just a few clicks I found almost every document I needed and they were all available to download at the click of a button. It gets better, as the documents I was missing I requested via a service request in the portal, that was assigned to my specific customer experience representative at Teva api – this is great! I received immediate feedback from Teva api Online saying that my request was being handled. The last documents were emailed to me a few hours later. I still dread gathering regulatory documentation, as my other suppliers unfortunately don’t have the online tools that Teva api has.”

Liron Shimrich, Director, Customer Service: One of the main reasons we created Teva api Online was specifically to be able to fully support our customers with regard to regulatory documentation. We recognized that this support is essential and that providing direct access to these high-quality documents and templates that are in line with regulatory standards would enable our customers to move forward and faster with their API projects like never before.

New responsibilities, new best friend

“I had recently taken over responsibility for my company’s MCSR reports. My very first task was to access all the information regarding DMF’s for API’s and other materials that we procure from Teva api for our annual reporting. I was at a loss as to where to begin and thought that I would have an almost impossible task to source this material in time for my deadline. Fortunately, a good colleague of mine advised me to open a Teva api Online account. I received a password shortly after opening the account (For security reasons Teva api ensures that only customers will get access to the platform) and I was able to use its very intuitive tools. I easily found the data needed for my reporting by referencing previous service requests and reviewing the catalog with its advanced filtering options. I have to say that my impression of your website was, WOW!!! There was so much material available at my fingertips. Thank you Teva api, for your wonderful online platform! You have made my new job so much easier and deadlines are no longer an issue for me.”

Ilana Ohayun, Customer Experience: Reporting is an essential element of our customers business. We have always closely supported our customers in this process and we recognized that the best possible support was to allow our customers access to all their data in one place, and let them compile the information they need, especially as no two companies have the same requirements.

Teva api continues to develop its online platform according to customers’ needs

According to customer’s feedback, Teva api recently added to Teva api Online the option to use free text search for documents, in case you do not recall the document name, you can now try and search for keywords related to it. For example – a no allergen statement can now be found if you search for “no latex” in the keywords search field. To access this feature, please navigate to the document library screen and use the “Search by keyword” function.

Why not register, or rather, why haven’t you registered?

These are just two examples of the positive feedback we have received from our satisfied users. People who use Teva api Online mention that the platform is extremely easy to use and the user interface is very easy to navigate and can be learnt in just few minutes – so it saves them time and makes it easy to see everything in one place, instead of searching in their email inbox. We recommend registering with Teva api Online and checking out what it can do to make your or your team’s job easier, more efficient, and less stressful!

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