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Edit (February 2021): Introducing the significantly upgraded Teva api customer portal – Teva api Connect!

Teva api is bringing an exciting new level of digital services to the industry with the introduction of our upgraded customer platform: Teva api Online. The customer platform is poised to make a game-changing impact that will lead the API industry with an all-encompassing customer-centric approach to digital services.

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This month, as part of Teva api’s partnership approach, we are inviting customers who are already registered on the current portal to participate in the Teva api Online Beta Program. These first users will be able to test the new features and provide valuable feedback, helping ensure the customer experience will be exceptional for everyone when the portal is broadly launched later this year.

More than one year ago, we set out to redesign our public website – Teva, and our customer portal – Teva api Online, as part of our long-term commitment to enhance our customer experience using digital tools. The objective was to provide valuable, personalized and up-to-date information on user-friendly platforms that are easily accessible any time on any device. After consulting with customers and industry experts, we re-designed the portal and added new features to give customers in-depth information, including a clear snapshot of their account activity, enabling them to save time and work more efficiently.

Centralized information and communications save time

When customers log in to Teva api Online, they will discover several upgrades that deliver a more personalized online experience. They will be able to:

  • Find all of their account information organized in one place on their personalized home page.  Users can quickly and easily look up current and historical account information and interactions with Teva api.
  • Save time by communicating directly with Teva api through the portal, instead of by email. Customers will no longer waste hours searching their inbox to figure out the status of pending or completed service requests, because the improved portal groups communications in one place, and tracks and saves a history of their interactions with Teva api. “While email communication is still an option, communication with Teva api Customer Experience experts will be faster and more seamless through the portal”, said Idit Booch, Sr Dir Teva api Global Customer Service.
  • Download key documents, such as including part of DMFs, CEPs and detailed product information in seconds from the self-service document library.
  • Fill in a simple, detailed online form that provides their Teva api team with all the information needed to process service requests. The new forms will shorten back and forth correspondence, enabling the Teva api team to reply quickly.
  • Quickly search and filter service requests, purchase orders, shipment tracking details, important product notifications, and more.
  • Log on to Teva api Online instantly from any device, in the office or in the field. Users will be able to look up essential information on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone any time they need it.

Even though the formal launch is still months away, we already have some new features in the pipeline. “We are developing a tool that will mark each milestone in the customer’s product lifecycle – steps that have been completed and those still to come,” said Noam Maimoni, Sr Mgr Teva api Digital Marketing Communications. “The customer will see a list of information and documentation they will need to provide in upcoming steps so their order can move forward without delay.”  

Some exciting work is also underway to further personalize the online customer experience. Programmers are developing on a tool that would display Teva api products that are related to the customer’s order history. For example, a customer developing a certain product would see recommendations for related pipeline and commercial products that are relevant. Over time, the tool will learn the customer’s history and preferences, enabling it to present more personalized recommendations as well as professional content.

Would you like us to update you once the new portal is available?

For the next few months, we will make adjustments to the new Teva api Online portal based on the feedback provided by current users. Customers who would like be notified once the portal is available for registration are welcome to contact us through this form – please add your email address and mention that you’d like to be notified, and we will update you as soon as you can register.

We hope you will find Teva api Online a valuable resource for managing your projects through every stage. Whether it is online, on the phone or in person, our team will always strive to make your customer experience the best in the API industry.

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