Teva api's goal is to deliver exceptional service in every customer experience. Every interaction is an opportunity to meet and exceed expectations. We work in close partnership with our customers, always ready to provide information and support as required. Our experts across the organization and around the world are available to assist whenever needed, now and in the future. ;


Specializing in a wide range of technologies:
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
    From API conception to commercial production, our stringent synthetic process delivers high quality products. Read more
  • Semi Synthetic Chemistry
    R&D and production experts collaborate closely to bring semi-synthetic APIs to market. Read more
  • Fermentation
    Our in-depth fermentation expertise enables us to meet your specific and complex needs. Read more
  • Downstream Processing (DSP)
    Our DSP capabilities cover a wide range of products and meet rigorous industry standards. Read more
  • High Potency
    We have a long tradition of manufacturing highly potent products. Read more
  • Plant Extraction
    Our extensive portfolio of natural products ranges from standard herbal extracts to alkaloids and the most advanced products. Read more
  • Peptides
    Our peptide services give you a competitive edge throughout the product lifecycle. Read more
  • Chromatography
    Two state-of-the art methods separate and analyze mixtures. Read more