Specializing in a wide range of technologies:
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
    From API conception to commercial production, our stringent synthetic process delivers high quality products. Read more
  • Semi Synthetic Chemistry
    R&D and production experts collaborate closely to bring semi-synthetic APIs to market. Read more
  • Fermentation
    Our in-depth fermentation expertise enables us to meet your specific and complex needs. Read more
  • Downstream Processing (DSP)
    Our DSP capabilities cover a wide range of products and meet rigorous industry standards. Read more
  • High Potency
    We have a long tradition of manufacturing highly potent products. Read more
  • Plant Extraction
    Our extensive portfolio of natural products ranges from standard herbal extracts to alkaloids and the most advanced products. Read more
  • Peptides
    Our peptide services give you a competitive edge throughout the product lifecycle. Read more
  • Chromatography
    Two state-of-the art methods separate and analyze mixtures. Read more