What is Fermentation expertise?

Teva api utilizes exceptional fermentation production capabilities, technologies, processes and R&D services to meet the highest industry standards.

We operate state-of-the-art, high-capacity fermentation plants with total fermenter capacity of 1,870 m3. Operated by skilled and experienced professionals, these fully-automated production plants implement complex fermentation and bioconversion projects including subsequent recovery processes. Our proven fermentation production capabilities cover a broad range of technologies and products from antibiotics, statins and immunosuppressants to enzymes and high-potency compounds. Selected fermentation APIs include Deferoxamine MesylateLovastatinMupirocinPravastatin SodiumTobramycinTacrolimus monohydrate and Simvastatin.

Teva api provides industry-leading R&D services throughout the product lifecycle. Our R&D expertise includes strain and technology development processes designed to continuously improve process productivity and product quality for both new compounds and existing products. Strain improvement activities incorporate both modern molecular/genetic and classical methods that deliver the most robust and productive strains for commercial scale. Organism types vary from bacteria and filamentous fungi to recombinant enzyme production hosts. We have extensive experience developing enzymatic and whole-cell bioconversion processes involving multidisciplinary teams of molecular biologists, microbiologists and enzyme chemists.

Fermentation over the years

Over the years, the Teva api fermentation team has led multiple technology transfer projects that have strengthened our competencies in related areas such as QA and regulatory compliance. Our R&D and production experts collaborate closely to ensure our processes are operating at peak efficiency and at the highest quality. By fully utilizing our deep expertise of the fermentation production process – from cellular pathways to engineering practices – we are able to handle your very specific and complex needs.