CAS 661-19-8

About the API

Systematic name 1- Docosanol Trade Name(s)
Technology Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Molecular Formula C22H46O Molecular Weight
Therapeutic category Antiviral
Available formulations Topical / Dermatological
Regulations US DMF Flag US DMF

General Information

Docosanol is a topical cream of the treatment for recurrent episodes of oral-facial herpes simplex (also called herpes labialis). It can be used from the age of 12.


Oral-facial herpes is an infectious viral disease caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Its symptoms include small, painful blisters or cold sores on the face, lips, gums or throat. Docosanol effectively reduces the healing time and duration of the cold sores and fever blisters, and also relieves the accompanying symptoms, including tingling, burning, and itching.