Plant Extraction

What is Plant Extraction expertise?

Drugs of natural origin are an important part of the active substance portfolio produced by Teva api. Extracted from plant material, the isolated products are either used directly as APIs or serve as precursors for further partial synthesis. Our portfolio of natural products is extensive, ranging from standardized herbal extracts (e.g. Silymarin) through natural or semisynthetic alkaloids (e.g. ergot alkaloids, cabergolineBromocriptine and Galantamine) to the most advanced anticancer products (e.g. PaclitaxelDocetaxelCabazitaxel).

Plant Extraction Key Factors

The availability and quality of the biomass, usually of herbal origin, are key factors for the isolation of natural products. We have our own growth technologies and our own cultivars or strains developed by long-term selection and breeding, such as the silybin cultivar of Silybum marianum, or the ergot strains that produce the required spectrum of alkaloids. In other cases, Teva api experts collaborate with horticultural companies worldwide.

Plant Extraction Process

The principal technology for isolating natural products involves extracting herbal material using batteries of percolators or continual carousel-type extractors, followed by further processing of the obtained primary extract. Production scale chromatography is often used for the further purification of isolated primary extract to obtain the natural product API or intermediate for next semisynthetic preparation of the final API.