CAS 721-50-6

About the API

Systematic name N-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(propylamino)propanamide
Trade name(s) Citanest (with or without epinephrine). With lidocaine and/or other substances
Molecular Formula C13H20N2O
Molecular Weight 220.3 g/mol
Physical properties Solution/emulsion/gel
Therapeutic category Anesthetic
Regulations US DMF Flag US DMF

General Information

Prilocaine is a local anesthetic agent that belongs to the amide class of compounds. It is used together with other substances as an injection and gel in dentistry, and as a topical cream for local skin analgesia and genital mucous membranes.

Specifically, the injection is used for local anesthesia in dentistry by nerve block or infiltration techniques. The gel is used in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing. The cream is used on normal, intact skin for local analgesia and genital mucous membranes for superficial minor surgery and as pretreatment for infiltration anesthesia.

In addition, prilocaine is being investigated as spinal anesthesia for several procedures, including caesarian sections, and as topical anesthesia in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids.