Bempedoic Acid

CAS 738606-46-7

General Information

Bempedoic Acid API is a novel small molecule inhibitor of triphosphate-citrate lyase (ACL). It is indicated as an adjunctive therapy, along with diet and statin treatment, for adults with refractory hypercholesterolemia. By blocking cholesterol synthesis in the liver, Bacid effectively reduces LDL-C levels, mitigating the risk of atherosclerotic plaques and cardiovascular events. It was approved for use by the FDA in 2020, along with a combination product Bempedoic Acid and Ezetimibe.


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About the API

Systematic name 8-Hydroxy-2,2,14,14-tetramethylpentadecanedioic Acid
Trade name(s) Nexletol
Technology Synthetic
Molecular Formula C19H36O5
Molecular Weight 344.5 g/mol
Physical properties White to off-white solid
Therapeutic category Endocrinology
Available formulations Oral Solid