Teva api Unveils Exciting 10-year Product Plans for China at CPhI China 2017

Teva api Unveils Exciting 10-year Product Plans for China at CPhI China 2017

By Diliang Dai, Senior Account Manager, Teva api China



CPhI China is one of the biggest industry events of the year and for Teva api, one of the most rewarding. Held in Shanghai again this year, our sales and Regulatory Affairs representatives were able to meet in our booth with customers from China and beyond to follow up on current projects, discuss future plans, and strengthen our partnerships. 


Here is a recap of the event including the new products we've introduced for the Chinese market

CPhI Article Products South East Asia

In keeping with Chinese tradition, we presented a Teva api -branded umbrella to every customer as a reminder our team is here to protect them. Umbrellas were invented in China more than three thousand years ago and have special meaning – they symbolize power, dignity and shelter.


We held nearly 30 meetings during the intensive three-day event, each one focused, productive and important. In every meeting we emphasized our strong commitment to our customer’s experience, and made sure our customers know that we support them every step of the way: from new product sourcing, supplier selection and development, to submission, pre-launch and commercial.

Teva api plans for China drug manufacturing

All of our customers were eager to learn which products Teva api plans to introduce in China to support generic drug manufacturing over the next 10 years. We announced plans to develop several APIs for registration of generic products, subject to applicable patent restrictions. They include:








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Teva api APIs already compliant with CFDA’s new DMF requirements

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) efforts to reform pharmaceutical regulatory review and tighten DMF submissions continued to be top of mind for many attendees this year. Because Teva api leads the industry in US and EU DMFs and CEPs, our customers in China have a distinct advantage. We reminded and reassured customers that our products meet stringent quality standards backed up by extensive documentation to help streamline their application and approval process. While a member of our Regulatory Affairs team was with us at CPhI China to answer specific questions, they always have access to our experienced RA teams to support their submissions and help them go to market as planned.


Teva api has participated in CPhI China since 2009 and every year is as exciting as the first. We truly enjoy collaborating with customers on site and discussing ideas to support their long-term goals. We will always strive to use Teva api’s expertise and global market experience to meet our customers’ growing needs in China and in the Asia Pacific region beyond.


Diliang Dai is Senior Account Manager for Teva api China, based in Beijing and has been part of the Teva api team since 2014.

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