Teva api Takes You on an Exciting Journey at CPhI Worldwide; New Products Announced

Teva api Takes You on an Exciting Journey at CPhI Worldwide; New Products Announced

 By Itay Efraty, Director, Teva api Sales and Marketing



CPhI Worldwide is the premier event of the year for the pharmaceutical industry, and if you have time for just one industry conference, this should be the one!

Teva api President and CEO, R. Ananth, and SVP, Head of Commercial, Kerri McCullough Wood, will lead our 20 member commercial team eager to learn what we can do to make our customers’ experience even better than it is today.

Our team at Teva api will be arriving at this CPhI with one loud and clear message:  we are putting our customers in the center of what we do as we understand that fruitful relationship and exceptional service experience will help us maintain our leading industry position for many years to come!



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Teva api to premier innovative new products

CPhI organizers expect to have more than 40,000 visitors and about 2,500 exhibitors for these three days in Frankfurt.

Hundreds of suppliers will be exhibiting this year. The fierce competition that we are facing keeps us focused on what we can do different to maintain our leadership position.  Keeping our customers at the center of everything we do and understanding what we need to do in order to deliver on an optimal experience is our primary focus. Please stop by our booth to explore the "Teva api customer journey" and see how it can benefit you in every step of your product’s lifecycle!   


We are busy booking meetings with our customers who are attending the show and looking forward to providing updates on your short-term projects and discussing how we can support your long-range plans. Customers will be treated to a first look at new products which will be coming to Teva api's portfolio, with preliminary launch dates as far into the future as 2030 and beyond.  Our newest molecule additions include:






In addition to our introduction to new products, our team will be happy to present for the first time Teva api's plans to support sterile API projects.


We'll have more details in Frankfurt. If you're interested in learning more about these products, inquire now!

Connect with us at our booth for your customer journey

We will arrive in Frankfurt to demonstrate that partnering with Teva api is not only about selling our portfolio of nearly 400 molecules on a price per kilogram basis, but to show our more than 1,000 customers and  the world that the word “partnership” at Teva api means much more.  Partnership with Teva api can be presented as:

Teva api’s improved way to supporting customers

TAPI api supplier


Last year our booth marked an important milestone of Teva api’s investment in the digital world with the first-in-class online customer platform serving our customers.  This customer platform now serves more than 2,000 people worldwide.  We invite you to our booth to view a demo, ask questions and sign up during the show.


Our commitment to you is to put our customers at the center of everything we do.  We’re creating a unique experience that will lead visitors virtually through every step in their Teva api customer journey – from selection to commercial.  You'll enter a high-tech screening room where a greeter will hand you an audio headset. You will walk through the customer journey, watching and listening to a series of short videos that share the many tools and ways Teva api's global team can support your every need  in each step of their project .


In an industry where the shortest journey can last somewhere between three years toeven 12 years until you reach commercialization, stability means productivity! In order to reach fruition, Teva api will demonstrate our strengths to customer through five key stages:

Selection -  Teva api provides a mini consultancy service to our customers.  At this stage we introduce our customers to our professional teams, such as marketing, intellectual property and R&D to help you to take better decisions in your API project 

Development – This is the time for us to accelerate our relationships with customers.  We will not bring flowers or diamond rings, but our very personalized Customer Experience team will be happy to support you with the right documents, on time, in addition to valuable advice by Teva’s world-class scientific team. You can also utilize our online platform and immediately access more than 5,000 documents that may be needed along the development stage.

Submission – Our Regulatory Affairs team of about 100 experts has supported hundreds of successful submissions in nearly 100 countries.  In Europe alone, we supported our customers with 3,500 Letters of Access.  We will help you to pass this hurdle smoothly like an Olympic runner.

Launch – We start our internal planning to support our customer’s launches many years in advance in order to assure on time launch.  We are here to support our customers to penetrate the desired market in the most effective way, with the right documents, on-time supply of API, and the right technical and/or business advice.

Commercial – We will never compromise on the quality of our manufacturing across our 17(we are not 19 anymore if I recall correctly) sites, 11 of which are located in Europe.  This year we shipped about 7,000 metric tons of APIs to our customers worldwide.  We strive to extend the life cycle of each of our products, if it’s by optimizing  the process, expanding control on the value chain, or even transferring a  production line to a more economical site. 


Visit our both to experience this customer journey with its services and tools that will help to improve your API projects and make them smoother and quicker - Hall 8, Stand 80H12!


CPhI Worldwide is always a great opportunity for us to re-check whether we are on track in meeting our commitments to customers 


The Teva api team looks forward to seeing you at CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt, 24-26 October, Hall 8, Stand 80H12!


Itay Efraty is the Director of Teva api Sales and Marketing. Itay joined the Teva api commercial team two years ago with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has held roles in Engineering of biosimilars production and over the past seven years he has managed sales of small molecule APIs in several markets worldwide.  Itay has a BSC. in chemical engineering from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA from Georgetown University.

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