Teva api promises its customers innovative interactions at FCE Pharma 2019

Teva api promises its customers innovative interactions at FCE Pharma 2019


by Leonel Bistafa, Director, Teva api Sales LATAM


Teva api warmly invites you to visit our booth (D 065) at the FCE Pharma trade fair in São Paulo, Brazil where you can meet a very special guest, experience our pipeline in a completely new and exciting way, and discover how Teva api is leading the field in solving the ever-changing challenges of the API industry.




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FCE Pharma is the main marketing, communications, and sales platform for the pharmaceutical industry in South America. This year’s event – which runs from May 21st to 23rd – will be the 24th International Exhibition of Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry, look for Teva api's booth - D 065


In just three years of exhibiting at this event, Teva api has made a big impact and earned a reputation for pioneering the ultimate customer experience – both with our people and with our products. Whether it’s making our most senior personnel accessible to everyone or making our booth the most popular location for attendees, year-on-year we have set the bar ever higher.


Visit us at Booth D 065 to gain valuable insights into the changing API landscape and to find out more about how partnering with Teva api can support your commercial success.


Unparalleled access to our world-class experts

The API market is dynamic, challenging, and increasingly complex. Teva api's unique combination of unrivaled global presence and agile responsiveness ensures that our customers enjoy local representation alongside a multimarket network of know-how, comprehensive tailored solutions, and timely handling of varying regulatory requirements. Coupled with our dedicated investment in technical expertise and vast experience in manufacturing and developing products to exceptionally high quality standards, you can rely on us to deliver on even your most exacting requirements.


I am very proud to announce that our special guest this year will be Neha Vashishta, Associate Director for Pipeline, Teva api Sales US. Neha is an expert on our pipeline products and will be available for all three days to meet and have productive, in-depth discussions with you about your commercial needs. Her advice and insights are sure to be highly sought-after, so we recommend that you book a slot with her in advance by contacting your account manager. You are also welcome to drop by Booth D 065 during the event to schedule a meeting.

Meet our molecules “up close and personal”

Since Teva api’s first appearance at FCE in 2016, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of presentation, using the latest technology to bring our customers’ experiences of partnering with us to life. This year will be no exception, as visitors to our booth will have the chance to interact with our molecules in a truly unique and surprising way.

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To learn more about the physical properties of our novel pipeline molecules you will have to… get physical! Make a note of our booth number – D 065 – to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. Our team is looking forward to welcoming you, meeting old friends (and making new ones), strengthening partnerships, and sharing ideas on how we can support you in achieving your objectives within a demanding, constantly evolving market.


We will be standing ready to enhance your knowledge about our products and answer all your questions in person. Just look for the booth with a buzz, where people are having fun!


About the author

Leonel Bistafa joined Teva api in 2013 and today is Director, Teva api Sales LATAM – a position he assumed in March 2017. He is responsible for implementing Teva api’s strategic plan in the LATAM region, as well as for streamlining business processes to ensure future growth.

Leonel holds a Masters from the Superior School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM) in São Paulo, Brazil, a postgraduate degree in Strategic Sales Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with Technology Assignments, both from Mackenzie University.

He is passionate about innovating how Teva api communicates and engages with its customers and facilitating the maximum commercial benefits from our existing products and pipeline.