Being the worlds' premier producer of API’s bring special responsibilities for Teva api

Being the worlds' premier producer of API’s bring special responsibilities for Teva api

Teva api is the worlds' leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). We employ over 5,000 of the worlds' leading experts in their fields. Teva api has over 80 years of experience and currently holds the industry's largest portfolio of over 400 APIs. We have production facilities in Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Israel, India, China, Mexico, and the United States.

Our Research & Development unit currently has over 750 scientists who are experts in the fields of chemical synthesis, fermentation, high potencyAPIs, plant extraction, synthetic peptides, vitamin D derivatives and prostaglandins. We are the number one API producer in terms of expertise, size, quality, number of products and customers. But behind the numbers what does it really mean to be the world’s number one experts?


Sharing our API expertise with our customers

Teva api is renowned for its close working relationship with its customers. We are partners with our customers and work with them during every phase of an API production cycle. We can only advise our customers by knowing exactly what their requirements and goals are, this means that we work harder and longer than other API manufacturers, but also that we have satisfied customers who appreciate that we are with them for the long haul.

Our regional experts in compliance also work closely with our customers and support and guide them through what can at times seem like a maze of regulations and demands. Our Scientific Support Team offers a unique service in that it embeds itself with customers and acts on their behalf when complex production issues need to be agreed upon or resolved.


Our API expertise comes from our employees

Being the best means attracting and employing and keeping the best and brightest people. Our workforce currently numbers around 5,000 people across four continents in ten countries. We have some of the worlds leading experts in their field and we value every one of our employees, which is why we have created a comfortable and safe workplace for them. Our employees have a great deal of autonomy and work in an environment that encourages creative thinking and the free flow of ideas, opinion and advice.


Our API expertise results in providing the highest quality API’s on the market

Teva api maybe the number one producer of API’s on the planet, but our focus isn’t on our size. We are first and foremost a manufacturer of high-quality API’s. Our production processes are designed to ensure that a Teva api products are pure and conforms exactly to its specifications. We have without doubt the most vigorous quality control and documentation systems in the industry. Of course one benefit of also being the worlds biggest manufacturer of API’s is that we have and offer a global view as well as the ability to get to know and drill done to selective markets.


Our API expertise means new products, new processes and new markets

Many of what are now industry standard production method were developed by Teva api. We are currently developing many new and ground breaking production methods and procedures. Our list of pipeline products continues to grow and in the following 5 years we anticipate bringing more new products to market, in areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes and lifestyle diseases and rising geriatric populations in developing countries.


How you can benefit from our expertise

If you are interested in working in close co-operation with our friendly team of experts to produce your new or existing formulation, would like to know more about Teva api’s manufacturing capabilities, API expertise or facilities, please contact us - We would be delighted to answer your questions, queries or enquiries.