Podcast: The Customer Experience Journey

Podcast: The Customer Experience Journey

A roundtable with the leaders of Teva api’s CX team


The World of the API is a new podcast series by Teva api. In this series, we’ll be exploring the stories of the work we do at Teva api, through conversations with the scientists, leaders and experts who make it happen. In this first episode, we dive into the topic of customer experience with three of Teva api’s female leaders, who built the team from the ground up.

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In The Customer Experience Journey – a roundtable the leaders of Teva api’s CX team, host, Tami Ben-David, interviews Idit Booch, Senior Director of Marketing and Customer Experience; and Liat Medina and Liron Shimrich, both Directors of the Customer Experience team.

The episode gives an in-depth overview of the importance of the Customer Experience team at Teva api. Idit explains how a typical Teva api customer’s journey with the company is a long process – around 10 to 15 years, all the way from pre-development to commercial production. She says how the “aim is to maintain a strong relationship with them, to really be partners. It’s called customer experience because it really is a true experience.”

Idit then goes on to talk about history of the department, and how it evolved and developed in to the global team it is today. To get there, a lot of work needed to be done – in terms of alignment between all the sites around the world. The leaders drew on inspiration from other companies in all sorts of different industries, and worked on creating a unified team, dedicated to the needs of all customers — whatever country or time zone they are in.

Liron and Liat describe the makeup of the team, and their two different groups. Liron’s team focuses directly on the customer and are the customers’ direct touchpoint for any questions. Liat’s team specializes in the products and are based in all the manufacturing sites around the world. They handle any specific product-related query sent to them by Liron’s team.

Liat talks about the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey, and how it’s a marker for knowing how well the team is doing and how to improve. She explains how “we don’t just assume (customers are happy) but actually measure (it)”. Liron laughs over some of the comments they receive from customers during the survey. She cites one customer who claimed that Teva api’s customer service is so by far the best that it’s actually “scientific”.

Obviously, a discussion on customer experience in 2020 couldn’t happen without a mention of COVID-19 and how the team is managing with the challenges it is bringing daily. Liron brings up one specific case of helping a customer with the supply of a product earlier than expected and how that customer became really emotional on the phone. She says how the team really “understand(s) the deep importance and responsibility of their work and everyone is extremely motivated to continue as usual.” And that “working under a public health crisis that’s directly connected to the nature of our business is inspiring”.

Tune in to hear more! Watch this space for more episodes of the The World of the API.