Safe Working Environment

At Teva api, we believe everyone has the right to a safe and healthy work environment, free from workplace injuries and illnesses. From the earliest stages of product R&D all the way to large-scale production, our processes and plants are designed with safety in mind to protect both employees and residents nearby.

Since 2015, as part of our aspiration to EHS excellence, towards Target Zero we made some significant improvement on our journey by reducing the Teva api OSHA recordable rate by over 62% while increasing significantly the near-misses and unsafe situations reporting to better prevent incident.

Facility safety. Our laboratories and production sites adhere to local regulations and Teva api high-level standards. We make sure both company employees and external sub-contractors follow our stringent safety procedures. Teva api has made a significant investment in the installation and maintenance of advanced safety equipment and state-of-the-art fire protection systems for its facilities.

Product handling guidelines. Employees who produce APIs may need to handle hazardous materials during the production process. Teva api has detailed guidelines for the safe handling of APIs and drugs, which are periodically reviewed and updated.

Communications and training. We hold employee training sessions at relevant sites on the safe handling of APIs and other chemical hazards, and we make sure employees are up to date on changing regulations.

Teva api is a division of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the global generic pharmaceutical leader and one of the world’s top 15 pharmaceutical companies.