Teva api delivers a comprehensive portfolio of peptides active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) using advanced technologies and proven capabilities to help your products reach their full potential.

Teva api extensive experience in the development, registration, production and post-launch support of peptides APIs ensures high quality and full compliance at any scale, from several grams to multiple tons. From conception and synthesis all the way to large-scale commercial manufacturing, our peptides APIs are cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

We offer a unique interface between classic solution-phase chemistry, solid-phase synthesis, fragment condensation and other novel technologies. Our state-of-the-art downstream processing (DSP) technologies and innovative methodologies enable us to meet your unique requirements. Selected peptides APIs include Atosiban acetateLinaclotide, BivalirudinSemaglutide.

Teva api’s exceptional peptides-related services provide you with full confidence and a competitive advantage over the entire product lifecycle. With our specialized know-how, world-class team, cutting-edge technologies and fully equipped production plants, we transform promising drug candidates into viable industrial-scale products.