Our operational presence in Europe and how COVID-19 has changed the playing field

Teva api manufacturing in Europe

Here at Teva api, we’ve had a significant operational presence in Europe for many years. Over the last few months, as COVID-19 spread relentlessly across the world, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of just how valuable this presence is, and how we could optimize it to best support our supply network and ultimately provide better

Teva Appoints John Nason President, Teva api and Biologics Operations

Teva announced the appointment of John Nason to President, Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Teva api),  a role in which he leads the company’s vertically integrated business unit responsible for the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of bulk API for both third-party manufacturers and for Teva. Mr. Nason also assumes responsibility for the company’s biologics operations, which play an important