Teva api History

History of Strategic Acquisitions

Teva api is a unit of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the world’s largest generic drug manufacturer and one of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

The rich history of the Teva api division dates back to 1935 with the founding of Assia, a company that specialized in the production of veterinary and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Teva api has grown by acquiring and establishing top-rated manufacturing and development facilities around the world. The already high-quality standards of each acquired plant are fully synchronized with Teva api best practices through a comprehensive integration program.

At the heart of Teva api, lies the Israel-based Teva-Tech plant, a state-of the-art facility established in 1995 with numerous dedicated high-volume production areas. Today Teva api operates 16 production plants and 5 R&D centers across the globe. Each facility contributes to our accumulated knowledge and ongoing excellence in R&D, production and customer service, all of which benefit our customers.



Major growth milestones at Teva api's history